Santa Eulalia Del Río

14 JANUARY 2020

The city of Santa Eulalia is the third largest town on the island of Ibiza. Just 20 km from the airport is a family and quiet area. Walks with palm trees by the sea, calm beaches with crystal clear waters and a wide range of apartments and hotels that fit the needs of any family.

The city offers all the services you may need, cinema, theater and a variety of restaurants with international cuisine. It also has an excellent marina full of yachts and nautical offer. It is in that area of the yacht club where the nightlife of Santa Eulalia is located. Although it is not a very active area or with a great nightlife, it is perfect for a relaxed and simple nightlife.

Among the beaches that are in the territory of Santa Eulalia we find a great variety but if we had to choose any we would possibly choose the following.

Cala Boix, for its dark sands. It is the only black sand beach on the island. Calm and with fresh and crystalline waters, its orography makes it a perfect place to enjoy a spectacular day at the beach with family or friends.

Cala Nova would be our other recommendation. A beach divided into several coves and in each one with enough white sand and beach bars ideal for eating or cooling off. The waves are another wonder of this beach. Small waves always present on this beach and thanks to that, the water always stays clean and fresh, which is appreciated in the hottest moments of the season.

Aguas Blancas, another wonderful beach in the area of Santa Eulalia and one of the nudist beaches of the island. It doesn’t matter if you wear a swimsuit or not, what matters is to enjoy the sand and the shadows that its cliffs provide to the sand. So if you are one of those who enjoy the sun, our recommendation is to approach soon.

You cannot miss the Es Canar area near Santa Eulalia. Wednesday’s hippy market is a must, and also Las Dalias, located in San Carlos. Here you will also have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor concerts, “food trucks”…

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